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Best Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Provider for Verifying Sites

Best Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Provider for Verifying Sites

In the age of online transactions and digital subscriptions, having a Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) has become a game-changer. Whether you’re signing up for Netflix, verifying your PayPal account, or conducting secure cross-border transactions, these VCCs offer a hassle-free solution. Let’s dive into the top providers and explore the benefits of using these virtual cards.

Benefits of Free Virtual Credit Cards (VCC)

A Virtual Credit Card (VCC) is a digital or virtual version of a credit card. Financial institutions or payment service providers typically issue it. Here are some key points about VCCs:

1. Free: No hidden charges – enjoy the convenience without breaking the bank.

2. Enhanced Security: Shield your personal bank account information from potential threats.

3. Global Usage: From Facebook ads to Google Play, these VCCs work seamlessly worldwide.

4. Versatile Usage: Perfect for PayPal verification, Netflix Free Trial, and various online services.

5. Protection Against Fraud and Theft: Rest easy knowing your transactions are safeguarded.

6. Easy Replacement: Hassle-free replacement in case your card is lost or compromised.

7. Fixed Exchange Rates: Transact in different currencies with confidence and predictability.

8. Digital Format: Unlike a physical credit card, a VCC exists only in digital form. It consists of a card number, expiration date, and often a security code (CVV).

9. Temporary or Disposable: VCCs are often used for a specific purpose or transaction. Some are disposable, meaning they are valid for a single use or a short period, adding an extra layer of security.

10. Online Transactions: VCCs are commonly used for online purchases, subscriptions, or any situation where you may not want to use your primary credit card details directly.

11. Security: Since VCCs are temporary and may have spending limits, they can enhance security by minimizing the risk of unauthorized transactions or fraud.

5. Linked to Funding Source: A VCC is typically linked to an existing credit card or a bank account. The user funds the virtual card from their main account.

6. Privacy: VCCs can help protect your privacy by not revealing your actual credit card details to online merchants.

It’s important to note that the availability and features of VCCs can vary depending on the financial institution or service provider offering them. Always check the terms and conditions associated with a particular VCC service.

Top Free VCC Providers

1. VCCWave

VCCWave stands out as a reliable VCC provider widely used for cross-border transactions and PayPal verifications. The registration process is straightforward, requiring no ID verification, and you can generate unlimited VCCs whether VISA, Mastercard or others.

How to Register on VCCWave:

– Visit the website.

– Click on “Join for Free” and complete the registration form.

– Generate the VCC type you want whether Visa, Mastercard, or others.

– Top up your account if you want or use it without fund for free.

2. Netspend

A long-standing player in the market, Netspend is known for its excellent customer support and approval of both Visa and Mastercard VCCs. It caters to a diverse audience, from personal to commercial users, offering customization options for physical cards.

Netspend Features:

– Card customizations available.

– Prepaid and postpaid VCCs.

– No minimum balance and no fees for online transactions.


Privacy is an impressive alternative to Entropay, creating secure virtual credit cards instantly. It simplifies the checkout process, saving time and money while protecting your card details.

Note: Privacy requires you to be a US citizen.

How to Register on Privacy:

– Visit the Privacy website.

– Click signup, enter your email and password.

– Connect your funding source following on-screen instructions.

– Choose a nickname and spend limit for your virtual card.

Privacy VCC Features:

– Activity dashboard to track spends.

– $5 for referring friends.

– Auto-subscriptions to various services.

– Single card use for added privacy.

4. American Express Go

American Express Go offers virtual credit cards designed for contractors, freelancers, and frequent travelers. It simplifies online transactions, allowing for easy expense tracking and providing a single bill for all virtual cards under one profile.

American Express Go Features:

– Easy and fast setup process.

– Control and review spending.

– Quick reconciliation of employee expenses.

– No additional charges for online transactions.


Despite being relatively new, PayZ has gained popularity for its no-cost virtual credit cards and fast approval process. It supports three currencies (Euro, USD, GBP) and offers a single-use card option for added privacy.

PayZ Features:

– One-use virtual card available immediately.

– Worldwide acceptance.

– Option to expire after one use for enhanced privacy.


Once a pioneer in online transactions, Payoneer remains a go-to option for business-oriented credit cards. It’s widely used by affiliates, especially in India, for receiving payments from platforms like Amazon.

Payoneer Features:

– Monthly billing with no early termination fee.

– Free payments between Payoneer accounts.

– Ideal for freelancers and international businesses.


– No payment gateway or virtual terminal.

– $29.95 annual fee.

– High credit card transaction fees for single users.

7. Revolut:

The Revolut Card, provided by the multinational retail giant, offers a range of virtual credit cards, including both Visa and Mastercard options. As part of its mobile banking app services, Revolut provides users with virtual and physical cards, catering to various needs such as online shopping, currency exchanges, and international transactions.

Revolut Features:

  • You can open your Revolut account in minutes.
  • No start-up or maintenance fees.
  • You can manage everything in one app.
  • The Revolut prepaid debit card can be used almost anywhere.
  • Revolut uses the interbank exchange rate.
  • No-fee ATM withdrawals at over 55,000 in-network ATMs.

8. SpectroCard

SpectroCard prides itself on providing a virtual credit card in less than 1 minute, making it a quick and hassle-free option. It’s a prepaid VCC with various funding options and is suitable for small-scale businesses.

SpectroCard Features:

– Multiple payment options available.

– Accepted by almost every online website (Visa, Master).

– Signup using Google or FB account.

– Create unlimited VCCs using one account.

Additional Alternatives

If the above options don’t meet your needs, consider exploring these alternatives for both debit and credit virtual cards:

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these top free VCC providers offer various options for various needs. Use them wisely to enjoy your favourite purchases and subscriptions without any hassles. For more lists and tutorials, subscribe to our email newsletter.

Remember to read the terms and conditions of each service to understand any fees, limitations, or specific features associated with the virtual cards they offer. Also, the availability of these services may have changed, so it’s a good idea to check the latest information directly from the providers.

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